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N No listing
A Builder
B Designer / Researcher
C Dealer / Wholesaler
D Consultant
E Manufacturer
F Wood Vendor
G Maker, Teacher / Instructor
H Repairer / Restorer
I Musician, Teacher / Instructor
J Musician
K Full-time Maker
L Part-time Maker
M Hobbyist / Beginner
a Violins / Violas / ’cellos
b Basses
c Bows
d Acoustic Guitars
e Electric Guitars
f Archtop Guitars
g Banjos
h Harpsichords / Virginals / Fortepianos / Clavichords
i Lutes / Mandolins / Mandolas
j Harps
k Flutes
l Cases
m Brass
n Percussion
o Children’s Instructional instruments
p Early Stringed Instruments
q Pipe Organs
r Hurdy Gurdies
s Recorders / Shawms etc.
t Oboes / Clarinets / Bassoons
u Dulcimers / Zithers / Autoharps
v Bagpipes
w Accordions
x Pianos
y Flageolets / Panpipes

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A C D H K h x
Carey Beebe
Carey Beebe Harpsichords
Factory 35/17 Lorraine Street
Phone work (02) 9534 2002   Phone fax (02) 9534 2531   Phone mobile (0408) 239 267
Peter E Coombe
Peter Coombe Mandolins
27 Goldfinch Circuit
Phone work (02) 6216 4051   Phone home (02) 6292 7094    

A B H K d g I p r
Douglas N Eaton
Doug Eaton Lutherie
PO Box 456
Phone work (07) 5494 4046

J M a
Ian Gillespie
10 Simla Avenue
Phone home (07) 3265 6575

A B M j p
Robert James
19 Tamboura Court
THE GAP  QLD  4061
Phone work (07) 3300 5315   Phone fax (07) 3300 5315

J a t
Vincent Leonard
25 Cottenham Avenue
Phone home (02) 9662 1606

A L a
John E McLennan
5 Joanna Close
Phone home (02) 4943 3216
H J L a x
Trevor Martyn
271 Riding Road

Malcolm Ohlsen
16 Montego Court
Phone work (07) 3399 3951  

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A B E J K a b
William Paulin
552 Millstream Road
Phone work (07) 5543 2147  

H M j x
Keith Schelberg
2 Dahl Street
Toowoomba QLD 4350
(07) 4630 7003

A B E J M d e f g I
John A Slight
Jaslite Guitars
87 White Road
Phone fax (07) 5494 8352   Phone home (07) 5494 8154
Antonio Sticovitch
36 Pamrick Crescent
Phone home (07) 3203 7187
A H I J L h
Kenneth Tyrrell
10 Hydrae Street
Phone home (02) 9772 4415  

A B G J K j l
Geoff R Welham
2952 Copmanhurst Road
Phone work (02) 6647 3129

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