I N S T R U M E N T   G A L L E R Y

In this ever-changing gallery, we showcase some of the diverse musical instruments being made in Australia today. Members wishing to feature here are requested to provide a high-quality, well-exposed picture of their work—preferably against an uncomplicated background—to the : jpeg, less than 100K please, with sufficient margin to allow cropping. Prints can also be accepted by snail mail for scanning.

Prospective clients can find contact details of current AAMIM members in our online Directory.

NB Only current members are included here.

Experimental archtop guitar by Mal Ohlsen 23K jpeg
Experimental Archtop Guitar,
Mal Ohlsen

Long neck bouzouki,
Doug Eaton & Dale Jacobsen,
Stanley River Music

Arabic Oud by Ken Hall 23K jpeg

Arabic Oud,
Ken Hall

Arabic Oud by Ken Hall 23K jpeg

French Double Harpischord by Carey Beebe 18K jpeg

French Double Harpsichord
with Louis-XV stand,
Carey Beebe,
Carey Beebe Harpsichords

Double-sided Aeolian Harp,
Robert James

Aeolian Harp by Robert James 20K jpeg

Strings by John McLennan 29K jpeg

Violin & Viola,
John McLennan

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