W H O   W E   A R E

We are a national association of professional and amateur musical instrument makers whose main aim is to encourage and promote the development of Australian made instruments.

Our members build and repair a wide variety of traditional, folk and modern instruments.

There are many benefits of membership:

  • An informative quarterly Journal full of information on instrument making, timbers, hints, materials and history.
  • Contact and interchange with other members throughout the country.
  • Opportunity to show your work on the AAMIM stand at various festivals and exhibitions.
  • Informal and social meetings.
  • Low annual subscription.

Above all, we are a friendly group of people spread all over Australia and would welcome you as a member.

If you build, repair, or have a passion for the construction or history of musical instruments of any type, why not join us?

Please refer to our Membership page for details.

Brisbane workshop meeting 34K jpeg

Some Queensland members
at a recent workshop meeting

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